Structuring your Critical Reviews:

  • Your review should contain:
    • A brief summary of the paper (3-4 sentences). This should clearly identify the key insights (usually no more than 2) used in the paper.
    • A (bulletized) summary of the salient points made in the paper.
    • A critique of the limitations.
    • A “broader perspective” section, which could include things like:
      • your assessment of the importance of the paper.
      • open issues not addressed in the paper.
      • other areas in which the insights might apply.
  • You need not write a review larger than a page.
  • Please email me the review in PDF format.
  • The review is due before class begins on the day of the corresponding presentation. Late reviews will be penalized.

Candidate Papers:

Here are some papers that would be good candidates for your paper presentations. The list below is by no means comprehensive — feel free to add/suggest papers you find interesting.

Physical Layer:

Backscatter Communication:
Battery-free and Low-power:
In-body communication:
Full-duplex and MIMO:
Managing Interference/Collisions:


Wireless-based Sensors:

Cellular Network Measurements/Coverage:

Medium Access Control:

Ad-hoc and Mesh Networks:

Congestion Control and Transport Protocols:

Mobile Name Service: