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Instructor: Jasleen Kaur
Room: FB 007
Class Time: TR, 11:00 am – 12:15 pm
Office Hours: By Appointment


The field of wireless networking has seen tremendous growth over the last decade. The purpose of this course is to introduce this field to students (COMP 431 is a prerequisite for this course). The Fall 2015 offering is specifically designed to serve three purposes:

  • Provide sufficient background for understanding fundamental issues in wireless networks,
  • Familiarize with the latest research in wireless networks, and
  • Use hands-on projects involving wireless technologies and/or mobile devices, to explore open problemsĀ in this field.


The course will include:

  • Lectures on the core background material;
  • Paper review and presentations (focused mainly on Physical layer, MAC protocols, Measurements techniques, Cross-layer design); and
  • Semester-long projects investigating open issues in wireless networks and mobile communication.


The first part of the course (background topics) will discuss how a wireless transmission impacts and guides mechanisms in several different layers of the protocol stack. These will include:

  • History of different types of wireless technologies
    • Cellular Systems, Satellite Systems, Broadcast Systems, Wireless LANs
  • Physical characteristics of wireless transmission (including signals, antennas, multiplexing, modulation, interference, spread spectrum, frequency planning)
  • Medium Access Control
    • Coordinated access (TDMA-based, CDMA-based, …)
    • Random Access (802.11)
  • Mobile network layer issues
    • Mobile IP
    • Ad-hoc routing
  • Transport layer issues in mobile networks
    • Wireless TCP